You can win at the casino. But you can no longer earn

You can win at the casino. But you can no longer earn

A small digression: I have 5+ years of work in a casino, I have gone from a simple dealer to a shift manager. Now, on every trip, whether it be Canada or USA, I rest my soul in local casinos, fortunately, they still remain on this mortal earth.

So, I won’t say what my current balance is, for 18 years it was difficult to track it) On Zen, I wrote several articles about the internal kitchen of the casino, if anyone is interested, how to win at the casino here.

And the speech in this article will be about whether there are ways to turn playing in a casino into a permanent source of income. I’ll make a reservation right away, I mean games on the tables against the casino, such as various types of poker, roulette, Black Jack. I won’t write about Texas and playing in a casino against other players, because I don’t play.

All the time, since the first acquaintance with the gambling business, I have been wondering if there are ways to get an obvious advantage over the casino? Of course, there are different legal strategies and systems, such as the Martingale system in roulette, the systems for counting out cards in Black Jack, semi-legal ways of “knocking” on the poker table, but the casino has various legal methods of confrontation against all of them, I wrote about them in detail on Zen. And one main method, which I will write about at the end of the article, is a kind of scrap method.

Let’s imagine that a miracle suddenly descended on you from above and you began to see the dealer’s cards through the shirt before they were revealed. Or see which card should come out next from the shuffle machine. Or, with the power of thought, push the ball on the roulette wheel to the sector you need on the wheel, not to mention the ability to see the future 2 minutes ahead, like Nicolas Cage and predict the number that has fallen on the roulette wheel.

Here you have a wonderful prospect to give up all this – marketing, sales, conversion and SEO, fly yourself calmly around the casino once a month and roll out a certain amount there, on which you can live until the end of your happy days, not experiencing anything lacking.

But then your exclusive gift is shattered by a new trend in our lives, such a black angel, bringing with it a rapid reduction in your privacy. Digitization. A customer profile came to every industry, all of a sudden they began to collect all sorts of data about you bit by bit – gender, age, preferences, income level and armpit hair color. Everyone around wants to offer you exactly what you want to buy or are just planning.

And casinos began to do the same, but only proceeding from their own tasks and hiding behind the fight against corruption, terrorism and tax laundering. Casinos have introduced player cards.

These cards are issued to you when you first visit the casino upon presentation of your passport, and they record all the operations that you perform inside the casino – exchanging money for chips at the cash desk, exchanging large cash at the table, ordering food and drinks, and reverse exchanging chips for cash.

With these cards, you enter lottery draws, you can get a loan from the casino, exchange currency for local banknotes. With these cards you get free suites in the most luxurious casino hotels, they send girls to your room.

On the player’s card, you will be forced to pay local taxes on the winnings, if any (in Belarus, in my opinion, from any amount of winnings, and in our country from an amount over 600 tyrs, in Europe – I don’t know)!

But the most important thing is that the casino administration ALWAYS knows what balance you have with these cards. And, if they think that your balance is too positive or the replenishment of winnings is clearly permanent, they can (and will definitely do this) apply their main method – scrap.

They will simply close the entrance to the casino for you without explanation. Yes, yes, they can do it and are absolutely not obliged to go into details. Moreover, establishments of one network will transfer your data to all establishments, and, for example, you will no longer be able to play in Sochi.

It is unlikely that you will be able to win a billion dollars at once, because the stakes on the tables are reasonably limited, and it is also unlikely to take out such an amount in cash without any adventures. You can win more modest amounts, even several times in a row, but this will soon come to an end – the casino will not allow you to earn money on yourself all the time.

Thus, even if you get the same advantage over the casino, which is from the realm of the supernatural, then you will not be able to take full advantage of it now. Maybe try your luck at Texas Holdem, but that’s another story)!