Online Guide to Mobitel Money Transfers

Online Guide to Mobitel Money Transfers

In the modern world, there are numerous ways to send and receive funds. One of the most common methods is money transfer via a mobile network. Major Sri Lankan telecommunications provider – Mobitel – offers this service to its users as well. Keep reading to learn how to conduct a Mobitel money transfer in a few simple steps.

Launched in Sri Lanka in 1994, Mobitel is one of the biggest mobile providers in the island country. In 2002, the company was acquired by the national mobile operator – Sri Lanka Telecom. Mobitel is available across most of the Sri Lankan cities. The company offers the most up-to-date technological solutions and services to its clients. Its digital functions cover a vast variety of areas, including:

health and insurance;
music and video, etc.

This article focuses on the credit share function and explains how to transfer money from Mobitel to Mobitel.

What is Mobitel money transfer?

Mobitel to Mobitel money transfer, or Credit Share function, allows the users of the mobile network to exchange funds with friends, family, and other people.

The service is accessible to prepaid users of the mobile network exclusively. At the time, postpaid connections can’t share or receive money via Mobitel. Moreover, users are not allowed to transfer money to the new connection with the first recharge.  They can gain access to the service only after the second recharge.

As Mobitel is a Sri Lankan network, money transfers are available only inside the country and in local currency – Sri Lankan Rupee.

Main requirements to use Mobitel credit share facility

To transfer funds through this mobile network, users have to meet the following conditions:

Have active Mobitel prepaid accounts for both sender and receiver;
Have sufficient balance on their account;
The total sum used on both individual accounts should be not less than LKR350.

Share credit limits & fees

Minimum transfer limit – LKR10;
Maximum transfer limit – LKR1 500;
The daily limit for Mobitel money transfer – is LKR1 500.

Each transaction costs LKR3 plus taxes.Read More