Legislation News of the Week: Italy’s Draft Reform on Gambling Concessions and Sportsbook Taxes, Norway’s Ban on TV gambling ads

Legislation News of the Week: Italy’s Draft Reform on Gambling Concessions and Sportsbook Taxes, Norway’s Ban on TV gambling ads

Italian authorities plan to further reform the gambling sector and present a draft reorganization plan. Minister’s proposal to create an additional 1% tax on betting turnover was heavily criticized by the Italian gambling ops. French gambling regulator has launched a campaign to combat cyberbullying of football players. Norway continues to combat illegal gambling ads on TV and asks distributors to block unlawful gambling commercials from their channels. At the same time, the American state of Georgia failed to approve betting legislation in Senate. Follow the GBC Time website to stay updated.

Italy approves draft reorganization plan for the gambling sector

The Italian State Auditor has passed the draft plan for the reorganization of the gambling sector. The legislation prepared by the Ministry of Economy & Finance aims to reform the Italian gambling industry to combat problem gambling and the black market, as well as optimize tax incomes. The reforms include:

territorial reorganization of land-based gambling, which will reduce the number of venues;
a new registry for players with self-exclusion schemes;
special regime for gambling concessions.

The ministry has also proposed to review penalties for gambling crimes and tax evasion. 

The draft law is now sent to the government for ratification. After that, the bill will require final approval from the Italian Parliament. The legislation will also take from 6 to 12 months to come into force.

Italian authorities consider a 1% turnover tax for sports betting

The Sports Minister of Italy has held a meeting with finance ministers to review the further tax rise for the betting operators. If the new tax policy is approved, Italian sportsbook ops will have to pay an additional 1% on the turnover. Now, betting companies in Italy pay 18% retail and 22% online taxes on GGR. Ministers argued a new tax will bring an additional €160 million to the tax treasury.

Although the tax regulation hasn’t been presented yet, Italian bookmakers have already opposed the reform. The sportsbook operators argue that additional tax obligations will only present an advantage to the black market.

ANJ partners with football league to combat cyberbullying in France

The gambling authority of France l’Autorité Nationale des Jeux (ANJ) has partnered with the football league regulator Ligue de Football (LFP) to raise awareness about cyberbullying of professional footballers. The campaign was released on April 6.

In their social media account, ANJ and LFP reminded their readers that football players often become victims of online abuse, especially from the bettors. Some gamblers also accused players of purposefully causing them to lose their bets. The organizations also posted videos to illustrate the point.Read More