Google Explains How to Navigate Privacy Restrictions and Boost Conversions

Google Explains How to Navigate Privacy Restrictions and Boost Conversions

By 2023, 65% of the global population will live under some kind of privacy protection regulations. And Google canceling third-party cookies only adds to this picture. While this worries many marketers, Google has issued an article explaining how to drive conversions in these circumstances. Find more news about marketing on the GBC Time website.

In the article, Google debunks three myths about privacy regulations and offers three strategies for success:

Myth 1: Removal of third-party cookies will disrupt website tags. Google states that third part cookies will eventually phase out without affecting marketing campaigns on the Internet. Instead of cookies, the company advises using the global site gat of Google Tag Manager.
Myth 2: Precise measurement is impossible without third-party data. While initially, third-party cookies were what enable contextual advertising, Google recommends focusing on first-party data now. This data includes information about the customer, which was collected from any kind of interaction (over the phone, in the store, in-app interactions). B2B partnerships with companies can help collect this data.
Myth 3: It is impossible to maintain privacy protection and drive revenues at the same time. Google states the rejection of third-party cookies will inevitably lead to a loss in measurements. The company, however, notes that privacy-safe machine learning tools can replace cookies in reporting. Google claims that the use of ML models can boost campaign performance by 35%.

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