Douyin’s Driven New TikTok Trends: More Stream Features Coming

Douyin’s Driven New TikTok Trends: More Stream Features Coming

TikTok, one of the leading social networks, has taken a course on the influencers encouraging through the live streams. Lives are probably the next tendency on TikTok, which is attractive for the content creators and followers. More about the tendency is below. Find more news on the GBC Time website.

All the new features on TikTok come from the Chinese platform, analog TikTok, Douyin. The experts see what works and what does not, based on Douyin’s experience, since 2016.

And live streams boom was firstly seen on Douyin. Moreover, this tendency has become an example of successful commerce with generated sales.

According to NBC, more and more accounts on TikTok sell different products via live streams. Thanks to this content form, some of the influencers have already reached over 100 000 followers.

Seeing Douyin’s experience, the experts try to predict the next trends on TikTok. More features on live streams, direct collaborations with the brands, and shopping buttons are among them.

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